It's Just a Rug

- Debut Release -

About It's Just a Rug

Who are you? What makes you, YOU? There are so many things that can help shape who you are and how you see the world. Some of those things might be people, places, foods, maybe even objects in your house... like a rug.


We live in a world that is exceptionally diverse, but often it is easier to blend in than it is to stand out. In It’s Just a Rug, three friends learn what helps make each of them unique and special, and how their different heritages play a role in that.


In her children's book debut, Jodi-Tatiana Charles partners with artist Diana Lisanto to encourage children to be curious about the family that came before them, and to celebrate the beautiful things that their cultures can impart to them as individuals.


It's Just a Rug is a story that reminds us that getting to know ourselves, and to celebrate our differences, is its own important and exciting adventure! The author invites you, readers of all ages, to become curious about your own heritage, and to start weaving your own rug with the stories of your life.


"It's Just a Rug" offers a warm invitation for children and parents alike to explore heritage and to celebrate diversity, both within their communities and within themselves. 

Fhiwa N , Uganda, Africa

I just bought this as part of a gift package for a dear friend's baby shower. Love that this can be a great tool for parents to start teaching race and culture as a norm, even if it's not accessible in the child's immediate environment.

It's Just a Rug is a delightful book that explores the differences in our cultures, and encourages children to find out about where their family came from. The illustrations compliment the words nicely and the whole thing makes for a great read for children.

Rodney S, Wellington, New Zealand

It's been quite a while since I last found myself reading a children's book, and I don't know why! I was arrested by how thoughtfully this book was written. The author and illustrator nailed the content and design, making this a phenomenal read for both children and adults. The material explored gives kids good insight to diversity and provides a platform for them to discuss heavy topics in a lighthearted setting!

Merry C, Boston MA USA

Sankeetha S, New York, NY USA